Is it Better to Pawn Assets or Take a Car Title Loan

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When you need money in an emergency, you can go to any lengths to get it. That is why pawning your belongings or taking a car title loan are two of the easiest ways to get the cash you need. If you have a bad credit score, these are probably the only two methods you [...]

How Much Can I Borrow From An Auto Title Loan?

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Do you need cash right away? When you need cash fast, you may wonder what options you may actually have. You could go to the bank and request a small loan but there are so many steps to take with this type of loan; lots of paperwork, collateral needed, etc. There are more options, one [...]

Why Do You Need Insurance When Taking A Car Title Loan?

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When you least expect it, you might get into a financial crunch and if you are looking for quick support and solution, car title loans might be the best option. All that the lender needs is a pink slip or the title deed to be turned over in their name. And the money is quickly [...]

How to get quick cash with auto title loans

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If you need cash quickly you may not feel like you have many other options. If your credit is good, you can probably go to a general lender and get the money that you need. If you run your own business, you never know how dependable your income will be so you need to make [...]

Interest Calculation on Auto Title Loans

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Every loan has an interest rate and it keeps fluctuating depending upon the type and tenure of the loan. And that is the reason that people get confused when it comes to interest rates. The solution lays in first understanding the type of interest that is being calculated and then doing the math to know [...]

Can Students Use Car Title Loans To Pay For Urgent Expenses?

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As a college student you are often inundated with experiences and responsibilities that aren’t familiar to you. If you rent an apartment off-campus you will be responsible for the monthly payments that everyday living accrues and if for some reason you get sick or are injured, you are responsible for making sure that your medical [...]

Why Is Credit Score Not Required For Auto Title Loan Approval?

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For most people taking an auto title loan are surprised when they come to know that only the vehicle is evaluated as a precursor to the loan and the credit history is not considered. Most of the loans provided by financial institutions and banks consider your FICO score as the most important aspect of the [...]

Can I take an auto title loan even after bankruptcy on my credit report?

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Auto title loans are a great choice for someone looking for cash fast. They are also great choices for those of us who have little to no credit. Auto title loans are based on the value of our vehicles and the amount of income we make each month. This means that if you have really [...]

5 Common Myths About Car Title Loans

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There are many reasons why consumers consider obtaining a car title loan over any other loan. These types of loans have made a big impression on consumers who may have trouble obtaining money through other means. A car title loan uses a borrower's vehicle title to stand good for a loan. While the borrower has [...]

Can You Get Car Title Loans Even With Poor Credit Scores?

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The best thing about car title loans is the fact that anybody can qualify for one as long as they are employed and/or have some source of income. Car title loans are not based on credit score; in fact lenders don’t even bother looking at someone’s credit score when determining eligibility for these types of [...]