When a vehicle is damaged in an accident in Phoenix, the value of the vehicle decreases, even if you have it repaired. When you are involved in an accident in Arizona that has been reported to the authorities or the insurance company, it is forever associated with the history of that car. Every car is identified by the vehicle identification number, or VIN #. This number is like a reference number for anyone who may inquire about the vehicle. It gives them full access to what ever has happened to that vehicle since it has been made.

How much does the vehicle value drop?

 There are many factors that play a roll in determining the vehicle value. Most dealers in Phoenix will consider whether the vehicle is in demand at the time of the accident. If it is, of course, the value increases however if it is not in demand, the vehicle will not value as much. Other factors that play a role in determining the value of the vehicle include the overall look after repair. If a fender needs to be replaced, does the paint color match with the rest of the car? If a mechanic needs to paint any part of the vehicle, does it match? Can you tell where the mechanic painted? This is a common problem for car owners who have been in an accident and want to fix their vehicle for what ever reason. Matching the paint is not an easy job to do but it can be done with a little time and an experienced professional. If the vehicle wasn’t damaged all that much, and you don’t have to replace a portion of the vehicle, then the value of the vehicle may not go down that much.

How to determine the value of a car after an Accident?

 After an accident, take your vehicle to a Phoenix mechanic that you trust or you may need to find one if you do not have a mechanic you visit regularly. While searching for a mechanic, be sure to read reviews and references to make sure that they have what you need.

Do your research online as well. You can find a lot out about the value of a vehicle by researching your model and determine the amount of damage that was done to your vehicle after the accident and you will be able to estimate the actual value of your vehicle.