AZ small business owners have many expenses and responsibilities associated with owning their own Arizona business.  Whether they are buying new equipment, taking care of emergency repairs, covering lawyer fees, or paying an unexpectedly high self-employment tax payment, business owners must mind their money and make certain it lasts.

Small business owners who take advantage of an AZ title loan often use these funds to keep their businesses afloat only if they know they can repay them before high interest rates kick in. Business people from a wide range of industries use title loans to supplement their government funded small business loans and other business-generated income. Here are some example small businesses that use title loans:

–          Custom Jewelry Maker

–          Dog Grooming

–          Hair & Nail Salon

–          Massage Therapy

–          Meal Delivery Service

–          Online Marketing & Social Media Managers

–          Photographer

–          Preschool & Daycare

–          Tree Trimming & Landscaping

–          Yoga Studio

Many self-employed professionals question whether they are eligible for a title loan, as they are led to believe that the application process requires some proof of employment. As long as the title on your car is clear, you own your auto outright, and you can show proof of income in the form of a bank statement, you should be able to qualify for a title loan, even as a small business owner.

Before applying for a title loan or any other personal loan, you should understand the requirements to pay back the loan and all fees connected with the annual interest and processing of the loan.