Two Part Financial Strategy

Reading personal finance books can be useful to help you customize a strategy that is relevant to you, your financial data, and your goals. One tip we came across is the two part strategy of constantly focusing on reducing your monthly debt and payments and increasing capital that can benefit you in the short term as well as the long term. This is the two part financial strategy known as reducing debt and increasing financial capital.

Paying off your credit cards and other loans and debt is obviously the best way to reduce your monthly overhead. With a little research you may come across programs or strategies which you may not have been aware of that can help you to discharge or reduce your debt while you are still paying it.

Obtaining capital is a great way to help jump-start a business or pay off emergency bills. Getting funded by obtaining a loan will come with expenses and interest, but you can often put yourself in a better situation long term by utilizing these funds that you would not have had otherwise.

Reduce Debt

There are many fantastic ways of reducing your debt or restructuring it so that it becomes easy for you to manage and pay back. In this piece, we want to discuss with you a strategy of applying to have your student loan forgiven or permanently discharged.

Student Loan Forgiveness

Many students and graduates are faced with debt from student loans that Is accumulating interest annually. What is of great interest then, to students and grads, is the process of applying for student loan forgiveness.

There are a couple of key steps you must take in order to obtain student loan forgiveness. First, you are going to want to contact your student loan servicer and determine which program you qualify for. Your student loan servicer should be able to let you know which paperwork you need to complete. Gather all the information and income or employment certifications you will need and send your forms to FedLoan Servicing. Next, you are going to want to go online and apply for the student loan forgiveness program.

Raise Capital

There are many ways to raise capital such as crowdfunding for your new product, getting a cash loan, or eBay party. In this beat, we will discuss an auto title loan. This type of loan is great because you can get cash fast with no credit check.

Auto Title Loans

A great way to generate liquid funds in a hurry is by obtaining a vehicle title loan. These types of loans are good because many title loan companies, such as Auto Title Loans USA, will not charge a pre-payment penalty. This means that you can strategically utilize an auto title loan as a secured short term loan and only pay interest for the months that you use the loan.

If you are reading this and wondering if an auto title loan could be beneficial to you, give us a call and we will educate you about your options and how it will benefit you based on your financial needs.