Refinance Your Auto Title Loan With Us and Save Money

There are many reasons why people choose to refinance their auto title loans. If you are locked into a high interest rate or are simply unsatisfied with the level of service provided by your current lender we can help. By refinancing you can save money and lower your interest rates, and because we have some of the most competitive interest rates in the Phoenix area as well as customer service that is second-to-none, we are sure that you will be satisfied in your decision to work with us.

As well as saving money through refinancing your title loan, you can make your payments more manageable and ensure that you will avoid repossession of your vehicle.

Refinancing anything can be complicated and, at times, confusing. Our goal is to help you, and part of that goal is making the refinancing process simple, transparent, quick, and painless. We often get questions about refinancing loans, below are some of the most common questions we receive and their answers.

Simple FAQ Related To The Refinancing Process:

Q: Does my original title loan have to be with Auto Title Loan USA in order for me to refinance my loan?
A: No. We work with other lenders to transfer the loan.

Q: If my loan is in poor standing with my previous lender do I still qualify for refinancing?
A: Yes, provided that there is still equity in your vehicle.

Q: Can I borrow additional funds after I refinance my title loan?
A: Yes, so long as the value of your vehicle exceeds the amount needed to pay off the existing loan.

Q: I know I don’t need a credit check to get a title loan, but do I need one in order to refinance my loan?
A: Absolutely not. We never take credit score into account regardless of an original loan or for refinancing purposes.

Getting Started

These resources will provide you with the information you need about refinancing:

If you have any additional questions about refinancing your title loan that are not covered in this FAQ section visit our What To Bring page for a list of things you’ll need to provide prior to starting refinancing, give us a call at 1 (888) 426-0600, or visit one of our 8 convenient valley locations.