The VIN or vehicle identification number that is placed on every manufactured motored vehicle becomes quite important, if someone is thinking about buying a used car, truck, van or SUV. At that point the seller usually has lots or questions: Did this vehicle have any previous owners? Was it ever in an accident? Has anyone taken out a lien on this set of wheels?

Unfortunately, a buyer cannot always trust the veracity of a dealer’s answers. Therefore, if a car-buyer really wants to get the answer to any of the questions listed above, he or she needs to go online and find a VIN number research provider. That provider uses the information that he or she has obtained from a vehicle history service.

A vehicle history report reveals all that has taken place before the time when a certain vehicle has been put up for sale. The report-creators rely on the records that state when a set of wheels with a given VIN has been at a car repair shop, or has served as the collateral for a loan. Information about such events plays a factor in determining a vehicle’s true worth.

The vehicle identification number is not as visible as a car’s color or style. Hence, an uninformed car-buyer may never think to search for that line of 17 digits. That would represent a foolish way of going-after a used car, truck, van or SUV. A smart consumer takes the time to look on the side of the front driver’s dash or on the driver’s side door jamb. There, he or she should find the VIN. Armed with that bit of data, he or she can then contact a reliable online research provider.

Such a provider does charge a fee for his or her services. That fee should be in the range of $45.00. The potential car-buyer who pays that fee should expect to hear from the provider after a period of 30 days. The provider should be ready to hand-over a clear report of the vehicle’s history.

Once in possession of that report, a consumer can determine whether or not to buy the set of wheels on which the provider’s report was issued. A wise man or woman will think twice before buying a car or truck that could need a lot of future repairs. He or she may well decide to examine the other used vehicles that are on the market.