Everyone at some point needs extra cash. Phoenix Car Title loans are one such way to secure extra cash.

What is a car title loan? This type of loan is a short term loan to lend you some money quickly until your next pay day. There is an approval process that all applicants must go through before they can get the loan amount.

Car title loans were invented in order to focus more on helping the borrower and not so much on the lender. The amount is small but the rewards are big. While creating this type of loaning system it was important to focus on the needs of the borrower. One of the biggest emphases during this process was customer service.

The first benefit in using this type of loan to gain access to cash is that you can usually apply online and be approved quickly. Once a Phoenix lender views your application, they will want to speak to you directly and they will arrange for a meeting with you. You can also choose to walk in to the lender’s office and fill out the paperwork.

Upon review of your application and a quick inspection of your car title and vehicle (if available), the car title loan lender will decide what your loan amount and payment terms will be. Making payments on your loan can be very simple, we offer an automatic debit to your checking or savings account on your next pay check.

Depending on the amount and payment terms, you could pay off your Phoenix auto title loan in a few weeks or get an extension for a few months. Your loan officer will work with your financial needs to make sure that your loan payments are manageable.