In 2016, the deadline to file your taxes with the IRS is April 18. Due to a holiday in the nation’s capital, the filing deadline has been adjusted from the traditional date of April 15th. This is great news in that  we have all been given an additional weekend to get down to business, get in front of a laptop, and prepare and submit those tax returns!

Before, you get to the step of filing, you must ensure that you file for an extension prior to April 18 2016. Once you have filed for an extension and it is accepted by the IRS, you will have six  months to file your taxes.

How To File Tax Extension

There are several ways to request an automatic extension of time to file your income tax return.

  • You can pay all or part of your income tax due and let them know it is for an extension
  • You can file a paper Form 4868
  • You can file Form 4868 electronically from your computer

The IRS says that your quickest and simplest option to file for your tax extension is going to be by clicking on the Free File link on their website at Anybody has the privilege, regardless of income,  of using this Free File service to electronically request an extension by completing Form 4868 online.

If you need to print Form 4868, you can download it here.

If you wish to file Form 4868 electronically, you should free file. If you choose a company such as Tax Slayer’s American Pledge Offer, for example, you will not only be able to file you Federal Return Extension for free, but you will also be able to file you Federal tax return for free and your state return will be available for $14.99.

Whichever method you ultimately choose, remember that the IRS would like to remind you to file your return or extension even if you can not pay the full amount.