American life changed with the coming of automobiles into the commercial arena and when it came to convenience, nothing has made its mark as yet as did vehicles. It was in the state of New York in 1901 that regulations for motor vehicles started and 954 different vehicles were register in the year. However, over the years the growth of vehicles on the road increased manifolds and that led to coding laws for traffic safety. Over time, motor vehicle regulations became an important aspect of American life for insuring the safety of cyclists, pedestrians and automotive drivers on highways and public roads. The MVD or the Motor vehicle Division looks after the various aspects of testing, driver licensing and registration of vehicles.

The Bureau of Motor vehicles was established in 1924 and had its own commissioner to take care of the increasing need for traffic safety regulations. But it was only in 1961 that DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles became an independent unit of the governments at state levels. It took care of all vehicle and Traffic Laws and took care of other aspects of vehicle registration and transfers, training of drivers, testing and providing the licenses. Additionally, DMV looks after the inspection of vehicular exhaust and emissions, consumer complaints and traffic disputes and infractions among a host of other services.

The ownership of vehicles is taken care of by issuing of the vehicle title provided by state DMV but may vary by states. But if you are looking for a driver’s license, states have varied rules. While in some states, the driving schools including the instructors are regulated by the DMV and the Driver’s manual has to be completely abided by all new and old drivers before licenses are issues or renewed.

However, in US the DMV is not an acronym used in every state and though the functions are same, they might be maintained by different departments in different states. Although the DMV might be regulated under different departments but the basis of testing and issuing licensed follows the same protocol. In many states, the DMV is a division within other large departments such as in Kansas, Missouri and Colorado, it is under the Department of Revenue while the Phoenix DMV or Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) looks into the motor vehicle division, municipal airports and public transportation. It was established in 1974 when the Aeronautics department got merged with the Arizona Highway Department.