When you have a lien on your vehicle in Phoenix, this will affect the amount you will pay for automobile insurance coverage. Other factors that may affect this quote is the state you live in (in our case Arizona) the lien holder, and what type of coverage you require. Most of the time, if you have a vehicle financed, the lien holder will require full coverage on the vehicle until it is paid in full.

You may wonder how a lien can affect the amount you pay for auto insurance. Insurance coverage is there to protect your investment, to assist in the cost of bodily injuries, and to compensate for those who have property damage however it doesn’t really protect the vehicle. If you are in an accident, there are many things that can play a role in how much that accident will cost you; how many people are involved, the extent of the injuries, any property damage, and why the accident happened to begin with. The financial institution wants to protect their investment. They loaned you the money to buy the vehicle and if you can’t drive it, will you continue to pay for it?

Another factor that plays a role in how a car lien affects the auto insurance depends on what state you live in. Each state has different rules and laws regarding coverage and how it is best handled. Also, what does the bank require? This also plays a role in how the car lien will affect the insurance. Sometimes, the bank will require a certain amount of coverage based on the amount of your loan so they can ensure that if you wreck the vehicle covered, they will have a better chance of obtaining their money in the loss.

Do you need full coverage or comprehension coverage only? There are several factors that help the bank and the insurance company determines if you need full coverage for your vehicle or if you need only comprehension. If the vehicle is an older year model, and you don’t have a huge amount borrowed against it, you will only need to carry comprehension. This basically carries a minimal amount of bodily injury coverage and more property damage. It is good to have if you live in a place where deer are.

The insurance will be priced higher to you when you have a car lien because there is more people involved. The pay out will be much higher when you have a lien against the vehicle.