If you had filed bankruptcy, you know that you are limited in what you can keep and purchase for a while. Your credit score has decreased drastically and the bankruptcy will remain on your credit record for at least ten years. You won’t be able to apply and obtain a traditional type loan for a long time because traditional loans require a credit check and the low score from a bankruptcy makes it difficult to get a loan.


You will still need money, you still need a vehicle to drive and a house to live in so what do you do when you need a loan? You can look into car title loans for the extra money you need. Car title loans are a loan that does not get approved based on your credit score however you do need to have a vehicle title in order to guarantee your loan. When you apply for a car title loan, your credit score is not a factor. The lender will consider other factors instead; such as proof of residence, proof of income, and proof of identification. Securing it with a car title loan will guarantee the loan for you regardless of your credit score or financial history.

It’s best to be honest with the lender as you talk to them. Let them know that you had filed bankruptcy and would like a second chance at obtaining money. While some states will not issue car title loans after you have filed bankruptcy, others will. It’s important that you check this out when you have bankruptcy on your credit history, as it may make it difficult to get money when you need it.

Car Title Loans After Bankruptcy

Car title loans are small loans that go anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to three thousand dollars total. Approval is based on the fact that your car or truck will sell high enough to pay off your debt should you fail to pay it off as agreed. Once you do not pay off your loan and they have to sell your vehicle to get your money, it is hard to get a loan through a car title lender again. So always make sure that you can pay your loan off before you apply for this type of loan.

Establishing credit is difficult but re-establishing credit can be even more difficult so if you had filed bankruptcy, do your best to meet your obligations and always make sure that you have a second source of income in case you find yourself struggling again.

Auto Title Loans USA Is Here For You

Auto Title Loans USA

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