If you need cash quickly you may not feel like you have many other options. If your credit is good, you can probably go to a general lender and get the money that you need. If you run your own business, you never know how dependable your income will be so you need to make sure that you have a backup plan for those down moments. Once you are back on your feet you will be able to pay for things again and not depend on a loan. Whether you run you own business or you are just struggling between pay checks, how do you get the cash you need quickly?

Title Loans Phoenix

In order to get quick cash with auto title loans, you need to have all your information needed in order to apply. This includes information such as verifying your identity with a phone bill or some other type of bill with your name on it. You will also need to include your driver’s license, voting card, or another personal type of identification. You will also need to provide proof of income. If you work for yourself, you will need to include your tax file from the previous year in order to apply. If you have been in business only a short time, you will need at least six months income to prove. The reason why you need this is to prove to them that you do have means to pay back the loan once you have been approved. If you aren’t working for someone, you won’t have a w-2 statement filed at the end of the year from a business. You will also need to provide proof of your vehicle. The lender will need to know what name it’s in, is it insured, the make and model of the vehicle, are you still paying on it, and what condition it is currently in. In some cases, the lender will actually go out in the parking lot to look at the vehicle in order to determine if it is worth double the amount that you are requesting to borrow.

Once you have provided all the documentation needed, and you are approved, you will see the money within one hour or by no later than the end of the business day. These lenders know that you are coming to them because you need the cash now. They are there to help you get it.