Spring Break is quickly approaching and hopefully, you’ve got some ideas as far as where you will like to spend your time off. Perhaps you’ve dreamed of a road trip with your friends and family to Florida or California. Maybe you have ideas of taking a flight to Cancun, Mexico and spend some time on white sand beaches. Whatever your plans may be, no doubt you will have the time of your life. The question for most folks, is deciding which activities are in your budget and which are not. If you are like many spring breakers in America, you may be fretting over how to raise the appropriate funds for your trip.

The Good news is that there are many great ways to come up with some last minute cash to help you have a great spring break.

Drive With Lyft

If you’ve got a few weeks before your trip, why not consider becoming a Lyft driver? After all, you put plenty of money into your vehicle in the form of oil changes, gas, and vehicle insurance, right? Let your vehicle pay you back just a tad by putting it (and you) to work.

What is Lyft, you ask? Well, Lyft is a company that allows you to be your own boss and set your own hours. Lyft matches drivers with passengers who are requesting rides through Lyft’s Smartphone app. The way you can get started is by applying to be a driver on Lyft’s website and then downloading the app to your Smartphone and enter into driver mode. That’s it! Lyft’s website says that some drivers make $800 just driving on Fridays and weekends.

Raise Money With Pay it 2

So perhaps you have already been in discussion with your friends and you guys plan on taking a road trip. Your buddies have stated that they will pitch in on gas money to help cover the road trip and cost of hotel. The challenge for you is that you must reserve the hotel ahead of time, but between classes and work, you rarely see your buddies to collect the cash.

Enter Pay it 2. With Pay it 2, you simply use this app to make organizing and collecting money easy as pie. What you will do is visit the website and create your collect page by customizing your page with images and colors. Next, you will share to Facebook and Twitter and Email. Once you have shared your collect page, your friends and family will be able to make an online payment to your custom collect page. The funds will be in your bank account in 2 days. Done!

Access An Auto Title Loan

If you own your own vehicle, you should consider a title loan otherwise known as an auto equity loan. Why? Despite some of the negative stigma surrounding car title loans, they remain a very useful financial tool. The stigma comes from people who tried to use an auto title loan as a long term financial tool.

A title loan is a great short term financial tool. The way it works is you are tapping into the value of your vehicle and withdrawing equity from your car. Say, your vehicle is worth $8,000. You will be able to borrow a portion of the value of your car and continue to keep and drive your car while you are making payments. The main benefit is that you can get a check cut to you, fast! If you are running short on time, many title loan companies are able to get you pre-approved in about 3 minutes. Once you are pre-approved you simply drive down to the office and complete some paperwork. You will have a check in your bank account in under an hour.

In summary, there are many ways you can raise some cash to travel for spring break. So, get creative and don’t be the only one sitting on the couch during spring break. Have fun!