Should I sell my car or take a car title loan?

When you are in a financial emergency, you might think about selling your valuable possessions to tide over the trying times. However, if you are contemplating selling your car vs. taking a vehicle title loan, it makes more sense to take a car title loan than to sell your car. However, you need to check and see whether it makes sense to take an auto title loan from the lender you have talked with or compare interest rates with other lenders before borrowing from an auto title loan lender.

While you weigh out the pros and cons of taking a vehicle title loan against selling your vehicle, the best advantage of taking a title loan is that you get immediate cash. If you decide to sell your car, you’ll need to advertise and wait for a few days or even weeks before you realize any cash. But if you need money within a few hours, an auto title loan is the way to go.

What if you decided to sell your car? Can you imagine how you’ll commute to work and other places without a car? And of course, buying a new or used car is out of the question as you’ll fulfill the current financial problem and only then be able to save and buy another vehicle. That takes time. Taking an auto title loan makes more sense because you get to keep your car as well as get the cash that you need.

Auto Title Loans USA Is Here To Help

Taking a car title loan from Auto Title Loans USA is easy and if you have the pink slip or the title to your car, you’ll be approved for the car loan within a half hour and have a check in your hand that same day.

As car title loans are available without checking your credit score, people with bad credit are equally eligible to take advantage of the hidden equity on their cars. All that is needed is that you are over the age of 18 years, have the car title in your name and you’ll get the loan within a half an hour. As your credit score is not needed, all that is considered is the condition of the car, brand and the model.

However, you’ll need to consider that the repayment has to be done within 12 months. That is the reason that it is best to take a loan from an Arizona State Licensed title loan lending institute like Auto Title Loans USA and ensure that the interest rates are clear to you from the start.

Call Auto Title Loans USA today and let us get you started with a free quote. You will be happy you did.