Get your commercial and semi-truck title loans at Auto Title Loans USA.

Are you an owner-operator or a transportation company who needs a quick loan to support your growing trucking business? Or, do you just need some additional cash quickly? Well, there is no need to go to a traditional bank or lender when your commercial truck might be the collateral you need to get a no-credit-check, short-term loan.

If you own and hold title to your commercial truck or semi-truck, we have the perfect solution: commercial truck title loans from Auto Title Loans USA. We understand that our clients might not have a good credit score, but they’re still good businesspeople. Or maybe they have great credit and just don’t want to deal with a traditional bank.

That’s why we provide hassle-free access to the money you need for your hauling and commercial trucking company, with absolutely no credit check required. Your vehicle is your collateral, we are simply providing financing at rock-bottom rates for an asset you already own.

The title loan qualifications for a commercial truck title loan or semi-truck title loan are simple.

Requirements for a commercial truck title loan are very easy. A semi-truck title loan is a secured loan for people who own their commercial vehicle and have their title; basically your truck is your collateral on the loan. You bring in your commercial truck with its title and proof of collision insurance. You’ll also need your government-issued ID and proof of Arizona residency.

Our discreet and professional loan officers will examine your vehicle to determine its value, and you could be driving away in as little as fifteen minutes with thousands of dollars to use for your trucking company.

That’s right. The best part about a commercial truck title loan is that you get to keep driving and making the income you need to manage your business. Our repayment terms and loan rates are the best you’ll find in Arizona, and there is never a penalty for paying off your loan early!

How does a semi-truck title loan work?

A commercial truck title loan allows you to get the working capital you need for your trucking business using your truck or trailer as collateral. Whether you own a Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner or any other brand of commercial truck, we can help. We can provide loans to keep your rig running whether it needs maintenance, new permits or licenses, tires or any other reason. Or you can get a loan against your commercial truck for any personal reason at all, it doesn’t matter what you need money for. Your truck is your collateral, and there is never a credit check.

You may qualify for a truck title loan if you own the following:

  • Semis
  • 18-wheelers
  • Big rigs
  • Trailers
  • Haulers
  • Box trucks
  • Single cabs or sleepers
  • Semi-trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Log trucks
  • Asphalt trucks
  • Live floor trailers
  • Reefer trailers (refrigerated)
  • Car carriers
  • Double drop trailers
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Moving floor trailers
  • End dump trailers
  • Grain hopper trailers
  • Dolly trailers
  • Belt trailers
  • Dry van trailers

Almost any commercial vehicle or trailer can qualify as collateral for a truck title loan. Auto Title Loans USA offers commercial truck title loans to independent owner-operators who make their living being on the road. From $100 to $100,000, we have the money you need to keep going. So call our loan experts at 602.317.6950 or stop by any one of our convenient Phoenix locations.