Custom and Vintage Car Title Loans

Auto Title Loans USA is the best lender for Phoenix title loans, including standard autos, cars, trucks or motorcycles, but also for unique custom cars, collectible cars and vintage vehicles.

A custom car is sometimes, but not always, a hot rod, and a street rod can almost always be considered a custom car. The definition of a custom car is that it has been altered to improve its performance by having a different engine or transmission, or by having an enhanced, personalized exterior or interior style which is different than the way it looked when first delivered from the factory. A custom car could be any make—Corvette, Thunderbird, Dodge—you name it. A custom car can also be an old car or vintage automobile if it has unique alterations.

Regardless of whether you have a custom car, street rod, hot rod, vintage car or any other kind of vehicle, unlike banks and other title lenders Auto Title Loans USA can give you quick cash by allowing you to use your custom, vintage or collectible car as secured collateral on a title loan. Just like a car title loan, a custom car title loan or vintage car title loan can provide you with cash in hand in as little as fifteen minutes, and you can still drive away in your prized possession while you pay the loan back.

With dozens of valley-wide locations in Scottsdale, Phoenix metro, Mesa, Chandler, Apache Junction, Peoria, Gilbert and more, you owe it to yourself to get a free consultation and find out if a custom car title loan is an option for your short term cash needs.

How do custom car title loans work?

A custom car title loan works just like any other car title loan. You simply allow our loan experts to examine your custom or vintage vehicle to see how much equity it has. You just bring in your clear title, proof of collision insurance, proof of Arizona address and government-issued ID and you could drive away in as little as fifteen minutes with a quick cash loan. It’s really that easy! And remember, Auto Title Loans USA offers competitive interest rates, and there is never a prepayment penalty if you pay your custom car title loan off early.

The best company for Phoenix title loans is locally-owned.

Auto Title Loans USA is a locally-owned company based in Phoenix, Arizona. One of the best car title loan companies in Phoenix, AZ, Auto Title Loans USA was originally founded in 1997, and David Hurowitz has been its new owner since 2012. We have dozens of positive reviews for Phoenix title loans, and we do everything possible to get you as much money as possible for your vehicle while arranging repayment terms for your car title cash loan that work for your budget.

Just give us a call or simply text 602.317.6950 to find out more about custom car title loans. It’s free to get a quick appraisal and car title loan estimate on your custom car!