If you plan to buy a large item in Phoenix, such as a car, you will be asked by the seller to present some form of identification. If you do not want to be denied the opportunity to purchase that desired vehicle, you should have on your person one of the normal forms of accepted identification. There are four forms of ID that are generally deemed “acceptable” :

1) Your birth certificate

2) Your driver’s license

3) Your social security card

4) State-issued ID card or driver’s license

If you are ready to purchase a car, truck or SUV, then you probably have a valid Arizona driver’s license. Be sure that is has not expired, as it will then be of little value to you. Of course, you could be a senior or older adult, one who is wealthy enough to surprise a grandson or granddaughter with a four-wheeled vehicle. In that case, you may need to seek a state ID card.

You know that you can obtain or renew a driver’s license at any Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) office. A MVD office can also provide you with an official identification card.

In fact, such offices issue two types of such cards. A regular card is good for 6 years; each of the cards for senior citizens remains valid for 10 years.

If you plan to apply for that sort of identifying document, then you must schedule an appointment at a MVD office; there you will complete a Form DL 44. Once you have completed that Form, you must provide the authorities with a thumb print. Then you must have your picture taken.

Before you can be guaranteed the issuance to you of the desired identifying document, you need to furnish the men and women in the Department of Motor Vehicles with your Social Security number. If you are asked to verify your Social Security number, you can use one of these documents: the S.S. card, your Medicare card, an Armed Forces ID card (for an active, retired, reserved officer or a dependent).

Next, you must verify your birth date and your legal presence in Phoenix. Finally, if you are not a senior citizen, you must also pay an established fee. Before you have all your provided information placed on a small, plastic document, check to be sure that the MVD’s records have your current address. If the address on file is correct, you can ask the process to move ahead. As a result, you should receive your state-issued identification in the mail, within a period of approximately 60 days.