After a teenager gets his or her driver’s license in Phoenix, he or she may be granted permission to use the family car at certain times. Only those who are very lucky manage to acquire a car title, instead of an occasional set of keys. That legal document names the official owner of a registered four-wheel vehicle.

If you have a car/auto title in your possession, you will note that it contains some very specific information. For instance, it should state the VIN number on your car, truck or SUV. That is the number that is found on the vehicle’s doorjamb. Whenever you buy a set of wheels, you should make sure that the title’s VIN number matches with the one on the vehicle’s doorjamb.

If those numbers do not match-up, you could run-up against difficulties in the future. You will have to give the VIN number to the insurance agency, when you take-out a policy on your particular set of wheels. If the number on the title does not match with the number on your vehicle, you could be denied coverage, in the event of an accident.

When you plan to buy a new car, truck or SUV in Phoenix, do not hesitate to ask to look at the vehicle’s title. You should be allowed to examine that document before the sale has been finalized. Some titles contain the name of more than one person. If there is an “AND” between two different names, then each named person must sign the official document at the time of transfer. If there is an “OR” between the names, a single signature is sufficient.

The date on which a particular set of wheels has been sold should be printed on the car title. The vehicle’s mileage should also appear on that document. If you are buying a car in Phoenix, then you ought to note that mileage, before you allow the sale to be finalized. That way, you can make sure that the odometer was not changed, after you had provided the seller with the expected payment. Be sure to note any special remarks that are part of the title’s contents. Check to see if it contains the word “salvaged.” That means that you will own an automobile that was severely damaged in an accident, but was then repaired to the point where it can be driven down the road. Such vehicles are not expensive, but the buyer must understand that the car’s system and body underwent a great deal of damage, before it was finally repaired.