Also referred to as the CFA, the Consumer Federation of America is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1968. It seeks to advance the interests of American consumers. Its membership includes a large number of national organizations, such as the Consumers Union, US PIRG (US Public Information Group), various rural electric cooperatives and more than one public power group.

The Federation’s efforts focus on those areas that can benefit the consumer. For that reason, it encourages scrutiny of businesses, specifically the products and services that have been made available by the various money-making enterprises. Such scrutiny is meant to provide each consumer with a solid defense against bad business practices.

Naturally, the national Federation scrutinizes larger businesses, those that operate on a national scale. Still the scrutiny of businesses does not end there. There are up to fifty similar federations in the fifty different states. Each of those carries-out work that is much like the work done by the national group. However, those smaller federations have a more narrow geographic focus.

Since its formation, the CFA has relied on the financial support that it obtains by asking that each member organization pay annual dues. That source of support has now been supplemented by the introduction of additional funds. At least some of those funds come from grants, which the Federation has been awarded by certain national foundations. Other funds come from private donors and from various fundraising efforts.

While it fights those practices that hurt consumers, the CFA also advocates for those measures that provide it with an added weapon, as it seeks to confront that ongoing challenge. The Consumer Federation of America has made it known that it has chosen to support such measures. For instance, it advocates for strong consumer protection; it tries to protect those consumers who have become heavily dependent on credit cards.

In addition, it advocates for higher fuel efficiency standards. It advocates for those laws and provisions that will allow the Food and Drug Administration to enjoy a greater amount of authority and responsibility. It praises and endorses those measures that help to ensure the production of safe items.

The Federation’s efforts manage to ensure the availability of safer drugs. At the same time, they guarantee the presence on store shelves and on web sites of safer products. For that reason, every buyer within America has less reason to lose sleep, while worrying about a purchase that may be a bit risky.